January 9 Invitational - U13/U14 - SOLD OUT

Developmental/Club Level Tournament for U13 & U14

January 15-16 Invitational - U14/U15 - SOLD OUT

Tournament for mid-level U14 and lower-level U15 teams.

January 23 Invitational - U12, U13, U14 - SOLD OUT

Tournament for lower-level U12, U13, and U14 teams.

February 19-20 Invitational - SOLD OUT

Tournament for lower level U14 teams.

February 27 Invitational - U15/U16 - SOLD OUT

Tournament for mid-level U15 and lower-level U16 teams.

March 6 Invitational - U13/14 - SOLD OUT

Mid-level U13/14 teams.

March 19-20 Invitational - U16 & U17/18 - 1 SPOT REMAINING

Tournament for mid-level U16 and lower level U17/18 teams.

April 17 Invitational - U16 & U17/18

Tournament for mid-level U16 teams and lower-level U17/18 teams.

April 24 Invitational - U14 & U15

Tournament for mid-level U14 and lower-level U15 teams. 

Champions Challenge Grand Prix Events

If you have teams interested in our Champions Challenge Grand Prix events, you can register those teams at www.bringyourbestchampion.com. Please let Dixie know if you have any questions on those events.


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